We have been in a Christmas mood since the beginning of December. We love this time of the year when you can get creative with Christmas decorations and start preparing your house for the festive season. All our DIY home décor projects are zero waste and in the case of Christmas decorations it couldn’t be any different!

We have opened our DIY drawers wide, made use of the items no one would miss (like old cans or jars) and had a few strolls in a park to bring some nature into this project (like twigs, cones or small branches).

Like in all DIY ideas we encourage you to look for inspiration and then create your own designs.

So here is a bit of inspiration for your own Christmas décor !

If you are not sure how to make your own paper snowflakes, check our post here !


For the project below you will need: small clear glass bottles, twigs, cardboard paper, embroidery thread (or a string, thread etc.), acrylic paint (white and black), Sellotape/Scotch tape.


  • paint the bottles and twigs (white and black),
  • cut out star shapes from cardboard paper (click here to download free range of star shaped stencils to print and cut out), if you have only white cardboard paper paint a couple of stars black,
  • attach the embroidery thread to the back of your stars (using Sellotape/Scotch tape).


For the project below you will need: old small jar (we used a small honey jar), cones, cardboard paper, red string, acrylic paint (red and black), a red candle, glue.


  • paint the jar and the cones (red and black as in the photo),
  • cut out a circle from cardboard paper (to place the jar in), if you have only white cardboard paper paint the circle black,
  • cut out a stripe from cardboard paper and paint it black (the size should be big enough to only cover the top part of the jar where the lid normally sits),
  • place the stripe around the top of the jar and glue it,
  • decorate the stripe with a string (making a bow), place the candle in the jar,
  • glue the cones to the black circle,
  • place the jar in the middle of the circle.


Below we have used a small clear glass vase which we sprayed gold. Then we have placed in it: a twig painted black,  a few wooden beads painted black and gold plus a couple of stars painted gold. The beads and stars have been attached to the black embroidery thread.

Below we have used an old postal cardboard box with top lids folded inside the box and natural hessian burlap hot glued around the box.

We have painted a few cones and twigs white and placed inside the box together with a candle.

We have decorated the box with a string with a cardboard star on top (“music note star” was cut out from an old magazine).

The “stamped” Christmas trees below are super quick and easy to make! Just cut out Christmas trees from a black cardboard paper (if you don’t have one, just paint a white one black). Then use a stamp with a decorative motif with white ink pad: just stamp the whole Christmas tree as in the photos. When the Christmas trees are ready, attached them to a black embroidery thread.

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