Valentine’s Day at home can also be romantic!

In the United States, nearly 200 million roses are sold every year on February 14th.

Saint Valentine’s Day brings incredible profits for many companies, which are producing toys, flowers and chocolate around the world. Every year, Americans buy millions of boxes of chocolate and give to someone they love.

What is extraordinary about this day, that most people propose on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Many people book a table in a restaurant, but if you don’t feel like being crammed on this day, then the romantic Valentine’s table decoration can be arranged by yourself, quickly and without spending a lot of money.

So don’t worry, because you can create a romantic atmosphere by yourself! Your effort will definitely be appreciated by a loved one.

Valentine’s Day is such an occasion, where the table and apartment setting are equally important, and maybe even more important than prepared dishes/the meal or drinks served? After all, the point here is not to eat, but above all to have a good time with your loved one.

We usually decorate Valentine’s table using red and pink or using only these colours as elements of decoration. Flowers and candles will be the most romantic table decoration we should not forget.

Here are some tips to create unique Valentine’s table decorations!

Things that will add charm to the table are:

Tablecloth – Any colour. It all depends on your preferences. Universal white and immortal/everlasting red will always work well, but cheerful floral motifs can also be beautiful, and this season they are very fashionable!

Tableware – it’s great using white, but if you have a feel for a different theme than usual, do not hesitate and do it! It doesn’t have to be boring! The rule is that the tableware matches the rest of the elements that will be on the table.

Napkins – especially those that are made of fabric always add elegance. However, you can also add a paper Valentine’s serviettes to the arrangement. They can be, for example, with heart-shaped motifs.

Candles – they will give a romantic tone, bring a nice mood, and at the same time will be a perfect complement to the arrangement of the table.

Flowers – make sure that live flowers appear on the table. Their smell and appearance will bring a note of elegance and romance to the table.

Rose petals or hand-made decorations will also look great.

Good wine or champagne will perfectly complement this dinner for two.

Remember: Table look/appearance (aesthetics) is more important on this day than laborious preparation of dishes.

Here are our suggestions for Valentine’s table decorations. Get inspired, please!

  1. White tableware on a cheerful & colourful tablecloth with fruit and floral motifs. Almond cake, which you can easily make yourself. A bouquet of roses is a nice complement to this table and matches perfectly with those on the tablecloth. Your Beloved at this table can feel really special?
  1. For this arrangement, we chose a classic elegant real Wedgwood bone china on a smooth toned raw grey tablecloth. We propose here a self-made vegan gluten-free dessert with an impressive chocolate coating and a heart-shaped decoration sprinkled with crushed nuts.
  1. Don’t feel like preparing a dessert yourself? Does not matter. You can arrange a table and buy good chocolate and a rose without much effort. Et voila!
  1. In France, in addition to giving traditional Valentine’s gifts, such as sweets, flowers, concert or cinema tickets, you can give an unusual Valentine’s gift which is … a tomato. Tomato, when introduced to France, was called “pomme d’or”, which means “golden apple”. Another possible origin of the word comes from the aphrodisiac qualities of the fruit in the French translation “pomme d’amour”, the “love apple”. Tomato symbolizes the heart for the French, as many varieties resemble it in colour and shape.

Therefore, in our classically elegant arrangement, together with 3 types of hummus (check our delicious recipe here!), there are also tomatoes, symbols of love.