Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? We have!

And have you been disappointed every year when this doesn’t happen as we end up with another grey and rainy holiday season? We have!

So here we’ve got something to create a wintery scenery at home regardless of the weather outside. 

We will help you to make your own snowflakes. 

You can use them to décor your windows or use for other Christmas décor projects (like we did in our zero waste Christmas wreath.) 

It will take you approximately five minutes to prepare and all you need is a sheet of recycled paper and a pair of scissors.

So without further ado: let it snow!

Please follow each step carefully. 

1. Get your sheet of paper ready for some action! We have used an A4 cream colour paper sheet but you can of course use a white one for a 100% winter feel.

2. Fold it into a triangle.

3. As you will need only the triangle, you can cut off the remaining part of the sheet. You will receive a square when unfolded (but keep the square folded in the triangle shape).

4. Fold the paper again diagonally to make a smaller triangle. 

5. Fold again the same way making the triangle smaller again.

6. Fold the triangle in a slightly different way as in picture 6.

7. When folded as above, crease the paper firmly. 

8. Cut off the sticking out part. Now you are ready to make your first snowflake of the season.

Look carefully at the photos below and try repeating the shapes you see. It is important to repeat them as accurate as possible as it will affect the final result.

No pressure.

At all.

Ten deep breaths and you are ready to go!