Have you been wondering how to decorate your house for Easter? We have prepared for you, both: traditional and modern DIY Easter decoration ideas.

Small trees or twigs with Easter eggs hanging on strings? Why not! This is an example of the impact of Christmas decorations on Easter. You can make pendants from hand-painted eggshells. Take a look at the photos below,  those eggshells look really unique.

For our Easter decorations we have used the following :

  • chicken eggshells,
  • half of an ostrich eggshell,
  • boiled chicken and quail eggs,
  • small, chocolate eggs in colourful packaging,
  • watercress and oats grown at home on a wet paper towel,
  • basket,
  • feathers,
  • twigs,
  • colourful strings,
  • old magazines,
  • flowers and small green plants from the garden and
  • colourful materials and tablecloths.

We have mixed our DIY decorations with some bought articles like ceramic bunnies or a small chicken hatched out in a small nest.

We hope you will find some inspiration for your Easter home decor.


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