This is part two of our Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

If you haven’t checked our first zero waste Christmas gift wrapping post yet, then make sure to take a peek here!

And today we have prepared for you some gift wrapping ideas using good old brown paper. Sounds boring? Not too classy? Not too special for Christmas? Well, how about we show you that with a bit of imagination you can transform brown paper into something truly amazing?

Find some inspiration below for your eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping.

In our “brown paper project” we have made used of the following materials:

  • glossy pages, printed on high quality paper, kept from brochures or magazines, commercial catalogues, pictures, greeting cards etc,
  • twigs, strings, etc.
  • small green gemstones on a fishing line
  • ribbons made of fancy fabric,
  • feathers,
  • metal, wooden and stone beads
  • scraps of various fabrics
  • stamps.

We have also used a number of items found in a garden or park such as dried twigs, fresh needle sprigs, small stems of berry bushes and cones.

Take a look and start planning your own zero waste wrapping festival!

Below are two examples of where we have used simple lunch/ grocery bags.

To obtain the elegant look we have made use of easily available stamps and ink pads (in metallic copper and black colours).